sam colyer freelance writer

Finding the perfect writer for your business can be a challenge. We’re responsible for how people perceive your business -that’s a big responsibility. I take the time to get to know your company before we start to work together. I ask questions to understand your ethos, your mission and your customers. Then I develop a voice that suits. 

My content is:

  • Engaging and easy to read
  • Researched thoroughly and well presented
  • Tailored to a defined and targeted audience
  • Search-engine friendly
  • Social media friendly


In this age of digital communication, the written word is incredibly powerful. The difference between one word and another can change a whole message entirely. I love words, and I feel lucky that writing is both a job and a source of enjoyment for me.

More specifically, and aligned with my own interests I specialise in the following areas of writing:

  • Sustainable change
  • Sustainable business
  • Digital trends affecting businesses


Fun fact (or perhaps not so fun) I hold a Project Management Qualification. Why does matter? Well, it means I know how to manage my time, I never miss a deadline and am meticulously organised.

Better fun fact: I can recite the alphabet backward. Quite the achievement!