Being sustainable.

It’s a word we’ve all come to care about.

But what does it mean to you and your business?

Being a sustainable business means that sustainability needs to run through the very core of everything you do.

As a small business you’re looking to share your sustainable practices and knowledge on this subject. The best way to do this is via your website, your blog or your social media channels.

I, like many people, care about what being sustainable really means. We need to teach, share and learn our best practices to make real progress. Written content needs to be meaningful, well researched and easy to digest.

If you need a writer to help get your key messages across to your clients and future clients, I can help.

I’m Sam Colyer. I’m a professional writer working mainly with small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

You’ll find some of my key services below:

Blog Writing

I can provide you with well researched, frequent and engaging content for your website which your clients, and future clients will want to read.  


I can write in a persuasive manner to ensure your reader takes action.

Website Copy

You need your website copy to stand out. It needs to inform the reader about what you do. It needs to persuade the reader that you're worth their time. I can help re-write existing copy or create new fresh copy for your website.

Product Photography

Images are so important, and if they aren't right they can put off potential customers and clients. My product photos are original, elegant and eye catching. Perfect for your social media channels or website.


I have a keen eye for detail and understand sentence structures. I can proof check reports and articles before they go out to important clients, I can provide a full review to ensure both your spelling and grammar are perfect.

Social Media Copy

I can create high quality copy that will engage your followers and attract new people to your business. I will research keywords to maximise the reach of your posts and help connect you to your target audience.​

"It was a pleasure to work with Sam due to her excellent communication"
Burke Turner
Previously at We are Atmosphere
"Sam has a really engaging writing style and has been applying this skill to produce high quality, informational content"
Ben Hart
Founder & CEO of TRVST